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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Vitual Tours offer a digital copy of your listing for clients to view from their own home for a personalized open house. Clients can virtually walk around the property seeing it from multiple angles, and use helpful tools to see other amazing aspects of a listing. These are listed below.

Pricing for Virtual Tours are based on the size of the property and are as follows:
For properties under 2000 sqft: $175.
For properties over 2000 sqft: $200.
For properties over 3000 sqft: $250.
For properties over 4000 sqft: $300.

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Vitural Tour Tools

The Measurement Mode helps you measure any surface within 1% accuracy to see if that cabinet or bedframe will fit in that space.

The Dollhouse View allow users to peel back floors one-by-one, providing an understanding for how different levels fit together in three dimensions, while offering an unobstructed view of lower floors.

The Floor Plan View allow users to see a top-down view of each floor with its photographed elements. With this angle, viewers can see how components are structured with scale and with proximity to other elements.

The 360 Photos are mainly used on exterior areas - belconies, patios or outside the front door - to show off surrounding elements to the property itself.

The Highlight Reel is a hands-free walkthrough of the property showing off all the highlighted view points and how they are connected to each other.

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